Sebastian Dahl is a 24 year old singer-songwriter from Denmark with a story to tell.

The last 3 years he has been fighting for a place in the music industry, and finally he earned himself a spot.

Sebastians debut single “Without You” was published the 6th of May 2017, and scored him concerts throughout the summer. He even got enough gigs to join it into: The SummerTour, where Sebastian played on all from small local stages to larger national stages.

Without You” focuses on the well-known problem of losing or missing someone close to you. It can be hard to talk about, and Sebastian hopes to cast a light on the subject to break the existing taboo.

Since then Sebastian has been working on his visual image, his stage performance and tons of new songs. All together now ready to show you all what he has been working on.

Sebastian has been writing music his entire life. Already at an age of 6 his grandma started teaching him the piano. Since then, Sebastians talent has expanded to guitar, drums and lastly singing.

Today Sebastians main focus is his guitar and his voice, which together forms the perfect room for the story Sebastian will tell you – through his childhood into the early teenage years ending in the pursuit of fitting in the adult-world.